Our versatile technology can be applied to many different customers working with biological material, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nutraceuticals companies with a peculiar focus on veterinary and human medicine as well as on cellular engineering.

Evaluating metabolism modifications with quantitative reproducible and precise features a may have an utmost importance in investigative or clinical research for discovering new potential drug targets, screening enzyme inhibitors, evaluating compound effects at preclinical stages, notably in safety pharmacology, but also in later phase studies.

Our technology altogether with our long expertise offers our customers to shed light on many complex biological challenges they may have.

We support clients in various industries & academics since functional metabolomics has become an important research tool for all people working with biological material.


Preclinical studies: Toxicology, safety assessment, target discovery, disease models…

Clinical studies: Patients evaluation and follow-up

perfume bottle

Toxicology, safety assessment, skin model evaluation, compound activity quantification, anti- oxidative stress efficiency…


Toxicology, safety assessment, compound activity evaluation, anti-oxidative stress efficiency

petri dish

Cell model evaluation, lot to lot variation comparison, quality control…


Veterinary diseases exploration, pet food evaluation (oxidative stress)


Human diseases exploration (acute and chronic diseases, ageing,…), new pathology specific markers discovery, markers kit development…