Cell metabolism comprises a series of daedalian biochemical reactions catalyzed by different enzymes, each working with an ultimate goal of either synthetizing complex molecules from simple ones or breaking down complex to simpler ones. Metabiolab has developed an extensive repertoire of high-throughput suitable quantitative panel of biological assays allowing an important functional metabolic investigation of several central cell metabolisms.

These assays span carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism, cofactors/coenzymes, ions, mitochondrial, inflammation, cell death and oxidative stress, all markers involved in normal cellular physiology but also in pathological situations such as diabetes/obesity, neurological and cardiovascular diseases, cancer, inflammation… and more.

This simple, flexible and versatile exploration (compatible with different kind of samples such as cells, tissues, organs, culture media, food, serum, plasma, urine… from different species) enables our customers to get a complete picture of the importance their compounds may have on cellular metabolism either in vitro or in vivo. This will help them to make appropriate decisions on go/no-go steps during discovery.


Metabiolab was created in 2014, drawing on its unique expertise in the field of diagnosis of cell metabolism dysfunction with a peculiar focus on oxidative stress and mitochondrial disorders.

The company owns key intellectual property related to the analytic processes that allow combined metabolism pathways analysis. It has also developed dedicated routine algorithms to better interpret numerous different parameters to get a complete overview of cell metabolism and its potential perturbations.

The goal of the company is clearly to become a major key player in the field in the next future. By offering at present an already large and unique panel of accurate tests, Metabiolab will continuously carry on innovation to broadly and deeply explore cell metabolism.

Our future is largely driven by our vision, namely our will to offer to our customers the broadest and deepest exploration of cellular metabolism. By developing an innovating platform based on new concepts, we aimed to popularize cell substrates and enzymes measurements that are until today commonly reserved to too few specialists.


This is our foundation. Imagination without a strong knowledge and expertise will never succeed in important scientific discovery. By focusing on highest and harshest analytical performances, we become more precise and accurate that allows us to dig deeper.

By mastering the smallest details, we can deliver products that perform better, and vary less. Having the highest confidence in our results, you can let your scientific imagination go further.


For us, only refining that do exist is not enough. To go further, we want to think different to reach our needs in results reliability. This prompts us to imagine and develop a new concept of biological platform.


We do not have a customer service department. Do think we are your customer service department.  You can connect directly to our team members who can propose either tests packages or tailored or customized services.

Our knowledge and expertise are at your disposal. As best as we can, we will try to adapt our services to your needs, to avoid any restriction in your imagination.