Metabiolab has developed a fee-for-service based platform for metabolic investigations of product’s effects on either in vitro or in vivo models. We perform automated measurements to quantify key metabolic parameters such as oxidative stress, electron-transport chain disorders, cell energetic status, inflammation, cell death, as well as more specific metabolisms such as Glycolysis, TCA cycle, Glutathione & Ketone pathway parameters (fatty acid oxidation is already in our pipeline) providing a global metabolic approach.

As highlighted in HTStec survey, we are yet likely to propose the most relevant list of assays requested by the majority of customers, using a high throughput, muti-parametric, non-radioactive, quantitative readouts technology. Indeed, unlike systems based on microplate measurements, our platform uses high-throughput machines that are daily used in clinical biology laboratories. Extremely robust and accurate, these automated systems allow us to work with reduced sample volumes as low as 5 microliters, and generally does not require cell organelles extraction. Moreover, they deliver results with a much greater level of precision.

Our comprehensive and evolving list of assays offers valuable complementary information to commonly used standard tests.

Our technical advantages

As compared to standard equipment, our innovative technology displays unique features:

Fully automated testing that meets the standards of clinical biology
– High throughput instruments: one test is pipetted every 6s avoiding sample degradation (a complete 20 tests panel is pipetted in less than two minutes)

Reduced sample volume (5 µl) associated with a multi-parametric assay testing on single sample (up to 50 assays per sample)

Minimal sample needs allowing us to perform full panel of 20 tests on as low as a Falcon T75 starting material

Minimal sample preparation as no mitochondrial extraction is required to measure OXPHOS tests panel

Unmatched precision: CV< 4-5% for all tests delivers reliable and precise actionable information


Your key benefits

Using our platform will offer you some unique performances

– It provides the highest quality standards level in the pharmaceuticals & cosmetic industry

– It eliminates bias due to inter-experiments variability

– It eliminates bias due to sample degradation during whole experiment

– It offers accurate and reliable results

Evaluating the impact of a compound at the cellular metabolism level, in good or an adverse ways, becomes now possible, even at earlier stages of its development. Altogether, by its unique characteristics, our platform will help strategic decisions regarding subsequent drug testing or development.

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