We offer our customers a unique panel of assays aimed at measuring different cell metabolism markers.

These markers (enzymes, substrates,…) will allow either a global exploration or a specific analysis of a narrower part of cell metabolism. Using our performant technology, it becomes possible to evaluate the respective impact of each metabolism in cell behavior and to compare precisely cell function in a longitudinal manner.

Metabiolab services cover the full spectrum from standard methods through to cutting-edge custom approaches developed using latest biological insights and specially developed new assays.

Our standard Assays:

They use well established automated methods and/or experimental designs delivering efficient and cost effective support for well known claims. Association of tighter controls with robust and accurate methods with low CVs give you greater confidence when delivering your trials’ most precious asset/quality data.

Tailored Assays:

Fine tune standard tests can be tailored to meet your exact needs. Many possibilities are at your disposal. As we are scientists helping scientists, our experts can guide and/or help you designing new protocols to fulfil your needs.

Custom Assays:

When powerful new claims based on cutting edge science are required in your study, our conventional panel of tests may not deliver. Only newly designed custom tests will do. Our expertise can allow us to design these new tests to answer your questions and enlarge our conventional panels if required.

Our standard assays