Metabiolab has a portfolio of projects that are in various stages of development. Our ambition is to develop tests to fill the gaps in our cell metabolism overview. Several main metabolism are already targeted and summarized below.

Launching a diagnostic assay is not a single discovery or event, but a process with many steps and stakeholders as each test must fulfill clinical biology requirements to be used on our platform. Three kind of tests are already in our pipeline:

Short term quantitative tests on very well known cellular components that yet work well in manual monoparametric handling and about to be transferred on multiparametric automatic devices

Mid term quantitative tests for elements that belong to existing important cell metabolic pathways and have to be developed firstly before transfer

Long term quantitative tests for research targets that are part of new cellular metabolic routes we are intensively looking for. These targets have to be first validated before being able to work on specific test development.