Mid term assays are quantitative tests for different elements that belong to existing important cell metabolic pathways. Some of these elements are pivotal, others are important but all need to be added in our portfolio. However, tests have to be firstly developed before transfer.

One of our first mid term tests will be the evaluation of the TCA cycle with different of its enzymes. Most of the TCA cycle enzymes are working manually, a small substet of remaining tests has to be developed to get an overview of the whole cycle.

To get an insight on the interconnexion of the different routes, we plan to develop as soon as possible two fundamental metabolisms, namely the lipidĀ  and aminocid metabolisms.

– In the lipid metabolism, we will initially focus on lipid oxidation that lead to either acetylcoA and propionylcoA, two intermediates that can feed the TCA cycle and participate to ATP production.

– In the aminoacid metabolism, we plan to measure quantitatively aminoacids and some of their derivatives (in the bun cycle or the methionine pathway). We will focus mainly on gluatmine pathway and serine pathway, both pathways being important in the management of central metabolism.

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